Five must-read futuristic articles from Factor’s spring digital magazine

Spring is here and it’s time for the latest issue of Factor magazine, the mammoth quarterly digital magazine on all things future. Available to read on any device for free, it’s your go-to destination for serious thought, and the occasional bout of silliness, about the world of tomorrow.

With 33 pages of content there is a huge range of topics to read and explore, and listing every single one here would be a bit silly. Instead, here’s our pick of the five must-read articles that every future fan needs to check out.

How Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Could Make the Music Industry March to a Different Choon

Blockchain seems to be finding its way into everything at the moment, and the music industry is no different. Which is why in this issue we speak to Choon, the company using the technology to transform the music industry, and pay artists better in the process. Are we entering the post-record label age? Quite possibly.

Elon Musk’s Super Fun Pyro and Apocalypse Show

In what is probably the silliest article in this issue, we ponder a reality where Elon Musk really does create a zombie apocalypse in order to sell Boring Company flamethrowers. Why would he do such a thing? How would it turn out? And how would Musk create zombie anyway? All these questions are (sort of) answered.

The Buzz Around Bee Decline: Are Super Robotic Bees the Future of Farming?

Bees are vanishing but crops still need to be pollinated, lest we see a serious impact on our global food supplies. In this serenely presented article we consider the pros and cons of supplementing bees with robotic doppelgangers. Yes, this will bring back memories of a certain Black Mirror episode.

The Life of a Future Traveller

In this animated spectacular, we take you on a trip to the future, to look at what travelling could be like in a decade. From passenger drones to driverless cars and hyperloop to supersonic planes, there will be a lot of ways to travel, some of which will have a serious impact on how we live.

The Enhanced Future Brian: Kernel’s Mission to Shape Humanity’s Cognitive Evolution

Self-improvement is one of the universal goals of humanity, so why not make our brains better? In a mind-blowing exploration of how we could advance ourselves, we hear from Kernel’s Bryan Johnson about the company’s cognitive enhancement plans.

The all new Factor Magazine is here – your guide to how today, tomorrow and beyond are being shaped

Guess who’s back, back again.

It’s been a few months, but Factor has returned with a bigger and better format, bringing the same future news and discussion, but on a platform that you can read on any device.

We’ve been working towards this for a long, long time: this is how we’ve always wanted the magazine to look, and we’re so happy to share this with you. It can be viewed on any web browser, on anything from a mobile to a monster PC, and if you’re on a desktop or laptop, click the button in the bottom right-hand corner for the ultimate shiny reading experience. A digital magazine has never looked this good. Probably.

Unfortunately that means no more iPad app, but as you can easily read the magazine from an iPad web browser, we hope you’ll agree that what we’ve gained is so much better than what’s been lost.

So anyway, here it is: the Winter 2017 issue of Factor, the first issue of the quarterly version of the magazine.

In case any of you are worrying about us publishing the magazine quarterly, trust us you don’t need to. We’ve produced the biggest issue of Factor ever, so packed with futuristic awesomeness, that we’ve had to divide it into three sections: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond.

Today deals with the futuristic present, as much of what we think of as ‘the future’ already exists today. We look at how humanoid robots are being employed as co-workers, hear from the legendary Richard Stallman about the vanishing state of privacy and discover how automation is already taking jobs. Plus, we take a light hearted look at the futuristic world of Mr Tesla, Elon Musk, and provide our festive present suggestions in a bumper futuristic gift guide.

Moving on to Tomorrow, and it’s all about the world of the next few decades, as technologies that are in development now reach fruition and seep into our everyday lives. We consider how flying cars are inching towards reality, with a look at both Lilium and the newly announced UberAir, and find out how driverless delivery may be the first true instance of the self-driving future.  Plus, we also look at the Christmas dinners of the future, because why the hell not.

Finally, in Beyond we look at the way-out future that many of us probably won’t live to see, but is supremely cool to think about. We ask leading futurists to predict what’s in store in the 22nd century – not the most positive of pictures, unfortunately – and consider what jobs will remain in a post-automation world. Plus, we look at the potential first homes of the human race beyond the solar system, and check out how asteroid mining is set to shape off-earth development.

Take a look, and if you like what you see and read, please share the magazine with your friends, or tell us what you think. This is a completely free magazine, with not an ad in sight, so it’s always good to know that it’s worth the effort.