In Pictures: This Week’s Most Futuristic Designs


Osteoid Medical Cast

Aside from looking cool, this medical cast provides a host of improvements of the heavy, itchy plaster casts used to heal broken bones. Developed by industrial designer Deniz Karasahin, the cast provides increased comfort and ventilation and improved healing times, and recently won an A’Design Award.

Via A’Design Award.


Al Fayah Park

Creating a lush, verdant park in the desert is a significant challenge, but the Al Fayah Park is shaping up to be an elegant solution. Largely covered by a heavy canopy designed to resembled the cracked ground, the Heatherwick Studio-design park has numerous spaces created by the canopy columns for visitors to enjoy.

Via DesignBoom.


Verrado Electric Drift Trike

This is an electric-powered drifting tricycle for fully grown humans, and we want one. Designed by cult vehicle company Local Motors, the trike will soon be finishing a Kickstarter campaign with more than double its target raised. Talk about an awesome way to commute.

Via Kickstarter.


Juno Power Jumpr

Portable chargers are fairly handy when your phone decides to die in the middle of a long trip, but until now if your car dies that weighty, battery-filled block hasn’t been much. Not so with Jumpr. With a 12V, 300A output it can kick-start your car back to life and still have energy to boost up your phone, camera or tablet.

Via Wired.


Mass Housing Solution

This chaotic looking structure is one of the winners of UN Habitat’s competition to find a solution to the lack of mass social housing. Designed for the city of Homs, Syria, by Team Render, this brilliant tessellating scheme connects each housing block above the road, creating a scheme that mixes apartments of various sizes and commercial units in a continuous, flowing structure.

Via Arch Daily.

Round-up: The technology you missed this week

Light ‘frozen’ for an entire minute


For the first time in forever scientists have frozen light for an entire minute.

Not wanting to let it go, the scientists managed to keep light in the same place for 60 seconds, which could pave the way for light-based quantum memory.

Source: The Mind Unleashed 

Image courtesy of Pan 101 via Flickr/Creative Commons licence 

Fastest ever Wi-Fi is coming 


Wi-Fi that’s capable of transferring data at 10Gbps and over a greater distance than is commercially possible has been created.

Quantenna Communications announced that a new chipset it has developed will be able to support these extremely fast speeds.

Source: BGR 

Image courtesy of miniyo73 via Flickr/Creative Commons licence 

Making graphene mass 


Irish scientists have managed to solve two problems that have been holding back the mass production of graphene.

The researchers in Dublin have managed solve the issue of being able to produce large amounts of quality graphene and also that of a consistent size.

Source: The Irish Times 

Image courtesy of CORE-Materials via Flickr/Creative Commons licence

204m million emails sent every minute 


Feeling swamped by email? Well you should be as there are more than 200m of them being sent every minute.

This infographic shows what happens every minute on the internet, and includes more than 70 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube.

Source: Mashable 

Image courtesy of Leo Chen via Flickr/Creative Commons licence 

A plus: Google’s social network to change 


Internet users the world over can breathe a sigh of relief as the enforced use of Google Plus is coming to an end.

Following the departure of Vic Gundotra, the boss of Google’s social network, it is reported the network will be scaled back and not so in-the-face of those who don’t want it to be.

Source: Ars Technica