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Factor Spring 2018 | Blockchain,
Brain Implants and Robotic Bees

Factor continues its run as a massive quarterly bible on all things future, available to read ad-free, for free, on all devices. In this issue we look at how blockchain is transforming music, find out how cognitive enhancement could transform humans, ponder Elon Musk’s zombie apocalypse and much more.

Factor Winter 2017 | New Platform, Bigger and Better Magazine

Factor has returned as a bigger and better magazine, available to read ad-free for free on all devices. In this massive issue we check out life in the 22nd century, consider the plans for driverless cars, hear from Richard Stallman about privacy and much more.

Factor Magazine 38 | The Future of Sport

Factor Issue 38In this issue we look at the ever-changing world of sport, and consider how technological advances are changing the game.

We consider the efforts to run a marathon in under two hours, ask if F1 should go driverless and look at the meteoric rise of drone racing.

Plus, we predict the crazy sports of the future, look at athletes’ diets through history and uncover the lesser-known history of Star Fox 2.

Factor Magazine 37 | Mental Health

Factor Issue 37In this issue we look at how mental health is being both helped and hindered by the ongoing march of technology.

We consider the ethics of monitoring online behaviour for depression, ask if personal digital assistants are offering enough help and investigate whether apps and therapists really can go together.

Plus, we ask whether politicians should be learning more about technology, look at how the music industry is embracing VR and uncover the lesser-known history of Half-Life.

Factor Magazine 36 | Engineering the Environment

Factor Issue 36In this issue we look at how technologies such as gene editing and geoengineering could be used to tranform the environment.

We consider how de-extinction technologies made famous by the proposed woolly mammoth resurrection could be used to save species from climate change-related extinction and ask if we will ever see the return of Neanderthals, as well as investigate the possibility of a real-life Jurassic Park.

Plus, we ask if other countries really are doing better than Donald Trump when it comes to climate change, and look into the problems surrounding e-waste.

Factor Magazine 35 | Wearable Technology Under Threat

Factor Issue 35In this issue we look at how wearable technology has failed to become the futuristic next stage in technology’s development, and ask how it could recover in the future.

We consider the failure that has been smartwatches, the potential role the fashion industry is playing in saving wearable tech and the areas wearables could have a very real impact.

Plus, we ask if privacy is being compromised by listening devices, and look at how internet rights are under threat.

Factor Magazine 34 | Cyberpunk

Factor Issue 34In this issue we look at the high-tech/low life world of cyberpunk, from the cyberpunk world of 2017 to what lies ahead in the future

We look at the prospects for blending humans with machines, consider whether robot chopshops will become the norm and check out the cyberpunk developments in parts of Africa.

Plus, we hear from the man who designed Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon, and ask if black hat hacking could become a legitimate career path.

Factor Magazine 33 | The Future of Gaming

Factor Issue 33In this issue we consider how new releases, technologies and ideas are transforming the world of video games.

We look at how the Nintendo Switch could be the start of truly ubiquitous gaming, consider how brain-computer-interface technology is set to transform future video game experiences and ask whether bringing more diversity into gaming is a matter of trends or technology.

Plus, we investigate how an innocent UK bill on improving access to high-speed broadband has turned into a concerning new attempt at censorship, and hear from the man bringing the commercial space industry to the Moon.

Factor Magazine 32 | The Future of Transport

Factor Issue 32In this issue we look at the transport technologies that are set to transform the way we move around the globe.

We hear from BMW about the company’s plans for driverless cars in 2021, discover how Hyperloop One is making tube transportation a reality and hear how the world’s first drone port could transform infrastructure in Africa.

Plus, we hear from the world’s foremost experts on love and sex robots to discover how such companions could become a future substitute for real-world relationships.

Factor Magazine 31 | Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Factor Issue 31In this issue we take a sobering look at the year that was 2016, and look ahead to 2017.

We ask if next year will be an improvement, consider whether there is space in the future for privacy and hear from world leaders about how globalisation is not to blame for the world’s problems.

Plus we speak to NASA astronaut Don Pettit about experimenting in space.

Factor Magazine 30 | The Culture Issue

Factor Issue 29In issue 30 we hear from writer Rhianna Pratchett on her career as well as the past, present and future of storytelling in videogames.

Theatre hasn’t changed much in 2000 years, but we consider if the medium is about to be transformed by augmented reality.

And we ask if exclusive albums are pushing people back into torrenting.

Factor Magazine 29 | The Politics Issue

Factor Issue 29In issue 29 we hear from Shawn Henry, former executive assistant director of the FBI, to consider the impact hacking is having on democracy.

With the presidential election just weeks away, we look at how technology has played a role on the campaign trail.

Plus we look at how deep learning could be used to more accurately predict election results.

Factor Magazine 28 | The Cities of Tomorrow

Factor Issue 28In issue 28 we look at the remarkably diverse range of future cities that we could call home in the world of tomorrow.

We consider how Elon Musk could shape future urban life, the Jetson-free reality of the future home and how future cities could be grown, not built.

Plus we discover how the first virtual world led to the MMOs we know and love today.

Factor Magazine 27 | The Unequal Future

Factor Issue 27In issue 27 Factor considers one of the few certainties of the future: inequality.

We look at how climate change will affect some far more than others, ask whether the internet really is the great equaliser and ponder the potential damage unequal medical developments could have.

Plus we find out about the human-on-a-chip technology that could consign animal research to the history books.

Factor Magazine 26 | The Future of Sports

Factor Issue 26In issue 26 Factor is taking a look at the world of sports, to check out what’s in store for the athletes of the future.

We look at how Leicester City achieved its fairytale win in the English Premier League, find out how biotech could transform the athletes of the future and separate the facts from the fears when it comes to Zika at Rio.

Plus we find out the secret history of legendary game Football Manager from the brothers that created it.

Factor Magazine 25 | VR vs AR

Factor Issue 25Issue 25 sees Factor celebrate its second birthday with a special issue on virtual reality and augmented reality.

We look at how VR is being used from everything from communication to vices, and consider how AR could dominate in the future.

Plus we have an exclusive interview with vTime CEO Martin Kenwright, and check out the secret history of Sid Meier’s Civilization.

Factor Magazine 24 | Humanity’s Incredible Future in Space

Factor Issue 23In issue 24 we’re looking at the future of space exploration, in the biggest issue we’ve ever produced.

We look at plans for a lunar village, consider Virgin Galactic’s future, investigate how future space bases will be built and check out the billionaire space race.

Plus we look at the challenges for space doctors, and discover the secret history of game development company Evolution Studios.

Factor Magazine 23 | Wearable Technology

Factor Issue 23In issue 23 we turn our attention to the rapidly changing world of wearable technology.

We look at how monitoring tech is transforming how we sleep, consider at the emerging world of invisible technology and check out the newly released wearables that are most likely to last.

Plus we find out about the growing availability of lab-grown diamonds, and hear from gaming legend Julian Gollop about the secret history of X-COM.

Factor Magazine 22 | The Future of Health

Factor Issue 22In issue 22 we look at one of the most exciting fields for change: health.

We speak to Aubrey de Grey to find out how the efforts to end ageing are going, learn how sophisticated technology could be used to predict disease and ask if telehealth services are set to dominated how we’re treated in the future.

Plus we consider the tricky balance between advancing research and maintaining privacy, as well as hearing the secret history of legendary game King’s Quest VI.

Factor Magazine 21 | The True State of AI

Factor Issue 21In issue 21 we’re checking out the world of artificial intelligence, to find out what’s really possible, and what’s still decades away.

We find out how behaviour-analysing AI is transforming web security, look at how far translation tech has to go, and consider how emotions are making their way into AI.

Plus we find out what Mark Zuckerberg can do to make his robot butler, and hear from Alexey Pajitnov, the inventor of Tetris.

Factor Magazine 20 | The Future of Food

Factor Issue 20In this issue we investigate what and how we’ll be eating in the future.

We check out the technologies set to transform the way our food is prepared, from robotic chefs to 3D food printers, and consider how the ‘meat’ we eat in the world of tomorrow may never have been near an animal.

Plus there’s a look at whether food substitutes such as Soylent could really take off in a meaningful way and how the way we enjoy flavours is set to change.

Factor Magazine 19 | Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

FTR_1512_cover_archiveIn this issue we bid farewell to the year that has given us awesome scientific breakthroughs, political craziness and traumatic terrorism, and look ahead to 2016.

We discover how workplace automation is set to dominate, look at the unstoppable issue that is runaway inequality and investigate the future for the Internet of Things.

Plus we hear from VR film studio Vrse.works about video in VR, and find out how cybernetic prosthetics are set to develop in the coming year.

Factor Magazine 18 | The Future of Energy

Factor Issue 18In this issue we look at the future of energy, from the futuristic concepts that may one day be a reality, to the renewable heavyweights set to dominate power’s future.

We look at how electricity generation could transition from large power stations to small sources located throughout our towns and cities, ask if biopower could be a key part of our future energy supply and consider the prospects for future space travel.

Plus we hear from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales about encrypting the internet and working with China.

Factor Magazine 17 | Life with Virtual Reality

Factor Issue 17In this issue we take on virtual reality, looking at how the technology is set to impact on our lives when it hits the mainstream in just a few short months.

We consider how social communication will work in VR, how tech companies plan to convince the masses to adopt the technology and whether its rise really will result in a slew of people retreating from reality.

Plus we look at the prospects for VR in education, and ask how it could help improve therapy.

Factor Magazine 16 | The Future of Life in Space

1509-cover-smallIn this issue we delve into the future of space travel, looking at the projects, technologies and trends bringing us closer to living beyond Earth.

We speak to experts about what life could be like for the first Mars colonists, look at the possibility of terraforming the Red Planet and consider how the commercial space industry is playing a major role in everything from research to space habitats.

Plus we speak to astronaut James F Reilly about what it’s like to actually travel into space.

Factor Magazine 15 | The Future of Politics

1508-cover-smallIn this issue we look to the future of politics and government, from the way campaigning is being transformed by technology to the new political movements being ignited by innovation.

We speak to campaign veterans of the Bush and Obama elections to find out how technology can be used to transform opinions, look at how Estonia is transforming national identity with e-Residency and look at how new technology is making its way into campaigns.

Plus we speak to the head of the UK Pirate Party about how the organisation plans to repeat its Icelandic success elsewhere.

Factor Magazine 14 | The Future of Gaming

FTR_1506_cover_smallIn this issue we investigate what’s in store for gaming, from the progression of conventional gaming to the out-there tech on the horizon.

We speak to the executive game director of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, get developers thoughts about the possibilities for virtual reality and look at the technology that could make emotions a true game-changer.  Plus there’s a look at the rise of eSports and an investigation into how other aspects of our lives are being gamified.

With the tragic news of Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata’s death coming shortly before publishing, we also pay tribute to the brilliant man’s career and contributions to the industry.

Factor Magazine 13 | The Robots are Coming

FTR_1506_cover_hIn this issue we look at how robots are going to change the way that we live.

We ask what life will be like inside driverless cars as they are set to dominate transport, look at how our relationships with robots will change and whether we will ever love robots.

As Factor Magazine celebrates its first birthday we also look back at our highlights from the last year.

Factor Magazine 12 | Humanity Beyond Ageing

coversmallIn this issue we consider the advances in research to end ageing, and investigate the possible implications for humanity if we were all able to live to 200 and beyond.

We ask if space colonisation would be needed to combat overpopulation, and look at the potential future developments for fertility to widen who can have a baby and when. Plus we consider the implications of a world where anti-ageing technology is only available to those who can afford it.

We also hear from Edward Snowden about the future of surveillance.

Factor Magazine 11 | Wearable Technology

coversmallIn this issue we look as the coming developments in wearable technology and how they could change how we live and work.

We speak to Misfit CEO Sonny Vu about “Wearables 2.0”, consider the dangers of constant monitoring and find out how football is embracing wearable tech.

Plus we look at the wearables hiding in plain sight, learn about the rise in haptic feedback-based tech and investigate the challenges of making wearable technology fashionable.

Factor Magazine 10 | Transhumanism

coversmallIn this issue we investigate the merging of technology and human biology that will see us living longer.

We speak to Transhumanist presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan, consider the potential of brain-computer interfaces, and look at progression of exoskeletons and printed human organs.

Plus we chart the projected progression of humanity to a avatar-assisted state beyond death, and consider the ethics of augs with help from Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


Factor Magazine 9 | Are We All Doomed?

coversmallIn this issue we look at the future of planet Earth and its sustainability.

Learn the steps we would have to take to rebuild society in the result of an apocalypse. We look at the devastation humans are causing to the natural environment, and how likely it is that a pandemic will occur.

Plus we look at homes that are designed for a modern climate and prepare a survival kit.


Factor Magazine 8 | The Future of Travel and Transport

factor-1501-archiveIn this issue we look at the future of travel and holidays.

Find out what’s in store for space tourism in the coming year, and what lies ahead for virtual reality holidays. We also look at the future destinations we’ll be flocking to, and look at the likely rise of extinction tourism.

Plus we tour the solar plane set to circumnavigate the globe, and look at the tech set to make travel a breeze.


Factor Magazine 7 | Roll on 2015

factor-cover-7In this issue we look at what’s in store for the coming year.

Hear the thoughts of an array of futurists and experts on the changes set for 2015, how VR could take centre stage and the increasing role the environment could play in the tech of tomorrow.

Plus we ask whether 2015 could be the year of the home robot, and what tech Back to the Future II got right.


Factor Magazine 6 | The Future of Work

factor-cover-6The working life of tomorrow is under the microscope this month, as we look at how everything from technology to social developments could alter our 9-5.

Will freelancers lead to a rise in urban digital nomads? How could future digital assistants change the way we live and work?

And what are futurist Jack Uldrich’s views on the working world of tomorrow? We find out in this month’s issue.


Factor Magazine 5 | Future Cities

factor-cover-5Never mind the utopian retro images we know and love, what will the cities of the future actually be like? In this issue we look at all aspects of the city of the future, from transport and infrastructure through to food and farming.

In a stunning video feature we visit the underground farm under London looking to feed the metropolis and look at the increasing role of urban drones.

Plus we find out how Sir Tim Berners-Lee sees the future of the web.


Factor Magazine 4 | Revolution

factor-cover-4So much of the tech we cover has the potential to be utterly revolutionary, so we decided to look at revolution for this issue of Factor.

We speak to Aubrey Du Grey to find out about his plans to end ageing, ask how Bitcoin could change currency and consider how much of an impact the digital revolution really has had on the music industry.


Factor Magazine 3 | Space Travel

factor-cover-3Space is cool again, thanks to an array of inter-agency projects and the rise of the commercial space company.

But what does the future hold for space travel?

In this issue, we speak to astronaut and legend Dr Mae Jemison about her plans for interstellar travel, consider the proposed missions to Mars and look at how asteroid mining could benefit the industry.


Factor Magazine 2 | The Future of Everyday Life

factor-cover-2We often look at the big, epic parts of future technology, but what about the daily grind? In this issue, we find out how regular life could alter as we move into tomorrow.

Future cities are an exciting prospect, but could we actually live in one?

Plus, we speak to a menswear designer from fashion house Viktor & Rolf to find out how tech could find its way into our clothing and learn how the food we eat may change.


Factor Magazine 1 | The World Cup

factor-cover-1This FIFA World Cup is the most technology-infused to date, so we look at the tech going into making the games a success.

We find out about the hi-tech security being used, and how big teams use data to get one up on their opponents.

We also look at the future of fitness, and consider how medical technology could allow us to go beyond human.